Small Business

Small business website starter package

This website package is oriented for small business owners who needs a professional website up and running quickly at affordable prices. New website designs, based on two sample layout designs of your choice and customized to your specifications.

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Includes updates

Cybserv can help you make changes, improvements and updates on your website.

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Website Maintenance and website improvement.

We’re going to be focusing entirely on the benefits of using XHTML and CSS to improve the readability of your code for search engine spiders, maintain a good content-to-code ratio keeping file-size and word-count limits, and how to use CSS to mimic common image effects.

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Customization website

Customization website design package

Custom website design can be obtained with a limited budget!
Cybserv creates a professional website which best suit your needs at affordable prices. This package is a great solution when a completely original design is desired.

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Build website and Cording

To build your own website design you always wanted. The design possibilities are endless and your layout can be created the way you want it to look.

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Bilingual Website

The modern internet is a constantly growing and changing atmosphere. One thing that remains constant is the international use of websites. In order to use it to it's full extent, the content of the internet is better off being in the reader's native language.

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computer suport

Computer Support

We can help determine your purchase list and explore the possibilities for re-use of existing hardware and peripherals.

Home Network setup

Let us help you in getting your own personal home network up and running. For those who find it difficult to deal with all the various devices, wires and peripherals needed to setup an efficient network, let us help you make sense of it all.

Linux Support

Have been toying with the idea of using Linux, but you don't quite know how to go about it? Let us help you get started, once you get pass the baby steps stage, you will love it!

Domain Name Registration

assistance with domain name registration

Hosting service

assistance with choosing a host server